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About Us

E.A. Warner & Associates. Inc., is a machinery stocking distributor, offering industrial switches and programmable logic controllers in the Mundelein, IL, area. All products, including our industrial plastic products are available in Illinois and the Midwest.

Albert Warner founded our business as Warner Instruments and Sales in 1960, and we grew from our first and exclusive client, West Instruments, to include a variety of instrumentation companies. When West Instruments was sold to the Gulten Corporation in Rhode Island, we changed our business name to E.A. Warner & Associates, Inc.

West Instruments manufactured a variety of plastic, die cast, and specialized products like temperature control units. We still offer these products, along with a range of other OEM items. Our family-owned-and-operated business also replaces and repairs equipment.

In 1970, Jerome Harris and Dick Metkin merged the company under a buy-sell agreement, and hired three additional salespeople. The sale was concluded in 1975, and Harris bought Metkin's share of the stock in 1977. His daughter, Stacey Harris, is our current owner and operator. Backed by more than 60 years of experience, our mission is still to "do it better."